e-Sevai Services for Citizens

Tamil Nadu e-Governance agency (TNeGA) has developed e-Sevai application for online delivery of various citizen centric services of government department to public through Common Service Centers (CSC’s). To provide the government services to citizen at their door steps on 24X7 basis, the e-Sevai application for Citizen has been developed. For applying these services, the citizen have to register their profile by clicking ‘sign up’ and create their own user Id and Password(one time registration). Then by using these user credentials they can ‘sign in’ and apply for the services. The list of services provided is as follows,

Department Service Name
Revenue Department REV-101 Community certificate
REV-102 Nativity certificate
REV-103 Income Certificate
REV-104 First Graduate Certificate
REV-105 Deserted Woman Certificate
REV-106 Agricultural Income Certificate
REV-107 Family Migration Certificate
REV-108 Unemployment Certificate
REV-109 Widow Certificate
REV-111 Certificate for Loss of Educational Records due to disasters
REV-113 Inter Caste Marriage Certificate
REV-114 Legal Heir Certificate
REV-115 Other Backward Classes (OBC) Certificate
REV-116 Residence certificate
REV-117 Small / Marginal Farmer Certificate
REV-118 Solvency Certificate
REV-119 No Male Child Certificate
REV-120 Unmarried Certificate
REV-401 Licence under Pawn Broker Act
REV-402 Money Lender’s Licence
REV-001 e-Adangal Crop Entry
REV-002 e-Adangal Extract Download
Drug Control Administration DCA-401 Application for license to grant allopathic drugs (Sales)
DCA-402 Application for licence to grant or renewal Homoeopathic Medicines (Sales)
DCA-403 Application for licence to grant restricted licence (allopathic drugs) (Sales)
DCA-404 Application for licence to grant specified in Schedule X drugs (Sales)
DCA-405 Application to obtain duplicate license (Sales)
DCA-406 Grant of Licences for Manufacture of Drugs – Allopathy (except licences requiring Central Licence Approving Authority’s approval)
DCA-407 Approval for Additional Categories of products
DCA-408 Grant of Test License
DCA-409 Grant of Loan Licence for Manufacture of Drugs – Allopathy (except licences requiring Central Licence Approving Authority’s Approval)
DCA-410 Grant of Repacking Licence for Allopathy
DCA-411 Grant/Renewal of Licence for Manufacture of Drugs – Homeopathy
DCA-601 Retention for Allopathic Drugs licence Sales
DCA-602 Retention for Restricted licence (allopathic drugs)
DCA-603 Retention for Schedule X drugs
DCA-604 Retention for Allopathic Drugs Manufacture for sale
DCA-605 Retention of Loan License for Manufacture of Drugs for sale Allopathic Drugs
DCA-606 Retention of Repackaging License for Allopathic Drugs
Directorate of Fire & Rescue DFR-101 MSB Compliance Certificate
DFR-102 NOC for MSB Planning Permission
DFR-103 NOC for Non – MSB Planning Permission
DFR-401 MSB Fire License Registration and Renewal
DFR-402 Non – MSB Fire License Registration and Renewal
Directorate of Boilers DBL-401 Registration of Boiler under boilers act
DBL-402 Renewal of License under boilers act 1923
DBL-403 Application for Approval of Manufacturer/Erector of Boilers
DBL-404 Application for Renewal of Manufacturer/Erector of Boilers
DBL-405 Steam Test For Boilers


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